Aunty M's Fudge

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  • Homemade Goodness: Crafted with care for a nostalgic taste experience.
  • Rich and Creamy Texture: Every piece delivers smooth, melt-in-your-mouth delight.
  • Traditional Recipe: Made with time-honored fudge-making techniques.
  • Perfect for Sharing: Ideal for gifting or enjoying with loved ones.
  • Directions of Use:
    Unwrap and enjoy a piece of Aunty M's Fudge as a delightful snack or dessert, perfect for any time you crave a sweet indulgence.
  • Recommended Portion Size:
    Enjoy 1-2 pieces (approximately 30g) per serving to savour the rich flavours without overindulging.

Handcrafted Quality: Each batch of fudge is carefully handcrafted to perfection, preserving the authentic taste and texture.

This product is made in a facility that also processes various tree nuts, seeds, tea, honey, spices, dairy products, and dried fruits. There may be traces of other nuts, seeds, honey, spices, dairy products, and dried fruits.