Adventurer Gift Hamper

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Adventurer Diwali Gift Hamper:

Celebrate the festival of lights with our exclusive Adventurer Gift Hamper. This extraordinary assortment of treats is designed to add a touch of adventure to your Diwali celebrations. Each item in this hamper is a carefully selected gem that promises to illuminate your palate and make your festivities even more special.

The Adventurer Diwali Gift Hamper is an invitation to celebrate the festival of lights with a dash of excitement and an array of flavors. Whether you're gifting it to loved ones or indulging in it yourself, this hamper promises a memorable Diwali experience filled with delicious surprises and moments of pure delight.


    1. Pista Disc: Enjoy the rich, nutty flavor of pistachios in these delicate and delicious Pista Discs. A crunchy and delightful start to your Diwali adventure.

    2. Almond Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Rock: Dive into the world of dark chocolate with the perfect balance of almond crunch and sea salt. This indulgent treat offers a symphony of sweet, salty, and nutty flavors.

    3. Almond Stuffed Date: These dates, stuffed with premium almonds, are a blend of natural sweetness and wholesome nuttiness, making them a delightful treat.

    4. Cashew Marzipan & Milk Chocolate Globe: Experience the best of both worlds with this globe-shaped delight. It harmoniously combines the creamy richness of milk chocolate with the nutty depth of cashew marzipan.

    5. Sweet Hunger Mix: A medley of sweet and savory, this mix is a delightful combination of flavors and textures. Perfect for satisfying all your snacking cravings.

    6. Safawi: Relish the sweetness of Safawi dates, known for their superior quality and exquisite taste. These dates are a hallmark of Diwali celebrations.

    7. Chamomile Lavender Tea: Unwind and relax with the soothing blend of chamomile and lavender tea. A perfect choice to complement the festive hustle and bustle.

    8. Bhujia Nuts: These Bhujia nuts offer a spicy and savory crunch, adding a zing to your Diwali celebrations. A must-try for those who enjoy bold and flavorful snacks.

    9. Maamoul Fig: Maamoul is a delectable Middle Eastern treat, and this fig-filled version is a delightful sweet addition to your Diwali spread.

    10. Almond Oil (25ml): Pamper yourself with this high-quality almond oil. Whether you use it for cooking or skincare, it's a versatile and nourishing addition to your routine.

This product is made in a facility that also processes various tree nuts, seeds, tea, honey, spices, dairy products, and dried fruits. There may be traces of other nuts, seeds, honey, spices, dairy products, and dried fruits.